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    Sorry I have been silent for a few weeks now. I had run into some trouble in my personal life, namely something has been going on for nearly a year now. It ended up getting worse and worse and I was forced onto a path that put me in a bad position. I was thinking I was getting clear of it all but sadly in brought back my depression and I nearly lost the will to do anything in the last month. I'm not a person to post my problems nor let people hear a sob story. But this did effect me in that I no longer found joy in art or MLP and just pushed them away. I don't wish to go into details on the matter for I also don't want to make it worse. I've thought about writing a journal post for a couple days now, but both times it was very angry and blaming of the factors to which brought on my current state. I wanted to be more neutral and logical towards this as to not cause any more issues.

    Depression is a b*tch to put it bluntly and it's a long road to overcome it. But I've fought it before, and again looking towards what helped me in the past. I might be silent for another week or more here. As I try to regain control of my life, it's one thing to say it, it's another to do it. So that's kinda why I'm just saying it here, so I have a reminder to myself of what I have done and what I have built. The kind words and praise for my work kept me going through the last year and it's been amazing to look back and see how I've grown. I'm holding on to that, and I want take it here to greater heights.

As for my dayjob, the schedule I wanted is kind of up in the air since two of my co-workers are leaving and this has put me back to square one of my job hours. But one thing at a time since I have little control currently over this dilemma.
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My Tumblr eh! Comes with an ASK ME.

My Facebook... somewhat used, not enough attention to it atm.

Yeah, More updates than my DA and even sneak peaks to future art! :D

Which background or minor pony should I draw next? (One I haven't done) 

8 deviants said Lyra
6 deviants said Roseluck
3 deviants said Aloe & Lotus
3 deviants said Cloud Chaser
3 deviants said Saphire Shores
3 deviants said Cheerilee
3 deviants said Other: Comment Below!
2 deviants said Wonderbolt Character (Name one down below)
1 deviant said Bon Bon
No deviants said Donut Joe


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Happy Birthday!!!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a great one!!! :D
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